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NYU School of Law

A Conversation on Policing’s Past and Future

September 29, 2017 by

The Policing Project is thrilled to host a discussion on policing's future! We welcome John Malcolm, VP for the Institute for Constitutional Government at the Heritage Foundation, and Christy Lopez, formerly with the U.S. DOJ Civil Rights Division and now a Distinguished Visitor from Practice at Georgetown Law.

If you'd like to join the conversation please email us at info@policingproject.org.

Check back often for updates! (We're grateful to the folks at www.replyall.me for the terrific medium we are using.)  Read more

Establishing Best Practices for Stop Data Collection

May 24, 2017 by

Few controversies in policing are as fraught as the use of Terry stops—temporary detentions made by officers upon reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, often accompanied by protective pat-down searches known as “frisks.” Studies have shown that racial minorities are disproportionately targeted for Terry stops, raising concerns about [...]  Read more

Policing Project Testifies Before Civil Rights Panel

March 22, 2017 by

On Tuesday, March 21, Policing Project Deputy Director Maria Ponomarenko testified before the New York Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.  She discussed the need for “front-end” democratic accountability around policing, and discussed the Policing Project’s efforts in this regard.  She also emphasized the [...]  Read more

Measuring the Intangible Impacts of Policing

February 6, 2017 by

Police departments around the country are increasingly using “bait” objects equipped with tracking devices to stop theft before it happens. The idea is simple: officers place a GPS tracker in an unattended car, laptop, or other object and wait for theft to occur. Once they are notified [...]  Read more

Brainstorming the Cost-Benefit Analysis of Policing

August 12, 2016 by

What is the psychological cost of being stopped by a police officer? What are the potential privacy costs of using license-pla­­te readers?

Elsewhere in government, questions like these would be a standard part of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) — a common procedure that attempts to identify and weigh [...]  Read more

Policing and Race: The Role of Law

July 20, 2016 by

In light of the deeply troubling events of the last couple of weeks—the shootings by police of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and the shooting of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge—the country rightfully is preoccupied with how to discuss, and address, issues of policing and [...]  Read more

Turning Community Dissatisfaction into Data-Driven Solutions

June 17, 2016 by

As several high-profile incidents around the country have shown, many Americans are deeply dissatisfied with policing. Police departments are looking for ways to respond. Surveys based on the customer satisfaction model could play a key role in making sure those responses are informed and meaningful. Surveys [...]  Read more

The Campaign Trail: The 2016 Presidential Candidates on Policing

May 4, 2016 by

While other advocacy organizations and news outlets have compiled the 2016 presidential candidate’s views on criminal justice reform, I attempted to document what the candidates and their campaigns have said specifically about policing. Below you will find each candidate’s policing policy positions (if they have them), and [...]  Read more

Camden Gives Democratic Policing a Chance

March 9, 2016 by and

Amid the debates about law enforcement and urgent calls for reform, one police department is responding with a concrete, innovative strategy. This month, the Camden County Police Department in New Jersey (CCPD) is partnering with the Policing Project to make its community policing [...]  Read more

Incentivizing Better Policing

February 18, 2016 by

Taxpayers pay a high price for police misconduct. Between 2010 and 2014, the ten cities with the largest police departments spent a total of $1.4 billion to resolve misconduct cases. The Chicago Police Department (CPD)—subject to a run of recent troubling stories involving [...]  Read more

Public Sees Through NYPD X-Ray Vans

December 23, 2015 by

The Z Backscatter van, used by the New York Police Department for the past decade, is a powerful, mobile, paramilitary x-ray machine that literally sees through walls. It can detect people, explosives, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and even currency. Although these vans further important [...]  Read more

Policy Secrecy in Ypsilanti

December 4, 2015 by

In its May 2015 report, the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing called on police departments to “establish a culture of transparency and accountability to build public trust and legitimacy.” Toward that end, the Task Force said that department policies—on everything from new policing [...]  Read more

Taking the Edge Off Of Predictive Policing

November 20, 2015 by

Over at the New York Times Room for Debate, experts discussed whether “predictive policing”—the use of data to target possible violent offenders before they act—works, and if it can be done without infringing on civil liberties. These are important discussions. Policymakers and police chiefs alike might [...]  Read more

Claims of “Ferguson Effect” Highlight Policing Data Problems

November 2, 2015 by

Call it the Ferguson Effect, call it the YouTube Effect—call it whatever you want, but some notable figures may have gotten a little ahead of themselves in claiming that police have become lax in their enforcement efforts due to public scrutiny, leading to more violent crimes. Not only is there no clear data to support the claim, but the available data suggest just the opposite. More than anything else, public debate over this issue highlights the stark need for more and better data on policing.  Read more

Welcome to the Policing Project

October 30, 2015 by

We’re happy to greet you here, on the new website for the Policing Project. This site is the collective endeavor of a lot of people who believe that policing can be strengthened through the ordinary tools of democratic governance.  Read more