Who should fill out the survey?

We are interested to hear from both law enforcement agencies and community members in their jurisdictions.

Law Enforcement Agencies:¬†The person filling out the survey should be familiar with the agency’s community-engagement efforts, as well as well as the agency’s process for making changes to policies, practices, or enforcement priorities.
Community Members: Anyone can fill out the survey. We are particularly interested to hear from individuals who are active in their communities, or are interested in policing and public safety issues.

What is Community Engagement?

Community engagement means giving community members a voice in how their neighborhoods are policed. Community engagement is more than just police-community interaction. True community engagement involves police departments and communities working as partners to co-produce public safety and community well-being.

Examples of community engagement include:

  • Asking for public feedback on a department policy or practice
  • Getting public input before acquiring a new technology
  • Involving the public in strategic planning
  • Working with residents to identify and address public safety problems

How will the survey results be used?

Our goal is to learn about existing community engagement efforts and develop a set of “best practices” for police departments and their communities. The survey is the first step of a two-year project. Based on the preliminary survey results, we will:

  • Conduct site visits to learn more about promising community engagement initiatives
  • Host a conference at NYU School of Law for law enforcement professionals, community leaders, and experts in local government and civic engagement to discuss best practices
  • Develop a “Community Engagement Playbook” that police departments and communities can use to guide their efforts.

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