LAPD Video Policy Questionnaire

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Community Input on the LAPD’s Video Policy

What should happen if a police officer’s body-worn camera records an officer-involved shooting or other serious use of force incident? Should the video be made public? And if so, when?

The Los Angeles Police Commission is developing a new policy on the release of video footage after such incidents.

The Los Angeles Police Commission Wants Your Input

The Los Angeles Police Commission wants to make sure that its new policy is responsive to community concerns. It has asked the Policing Project at New York University School of Law to gather public input on what the policy should be. The Policing Project will work with professors and students at UCLA School of Law and UC Irvine School of Law to get input from the community and report back to the Commission.

Learn More About the Pros and Cons of Releasing Video

In deciding whether and when to release video after an officer-involved shooting, there are many factors to consider. To learn more, watch the video below, or read a brief fact sheet about some of the tradeoffs involved.


Tell Us What You Think

There are three ways you can give input to the Police Commission:

  • Fill out a brief questionnaire (in English or Spanish)
  • Upload more detailed written comments
  • Attend a community forum

Forums will be held in each of the four police bureaus across Los Angeles (click here for the forum dates and locations).

The comment period will end on May 7.