NYPD Body-Worn Camera Questionnaire

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NYPD Body-Worn Camera Questionnaire

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) plans to assign approximately 1,000 body-worn cameras to officers in certain precincts throughout the city. This is part of a one-year pilot program to determine whether body-worn cameras can help to encourage lawful and respectful police-citizen interactions and improve both officer and public safety.

In order to ensure that the NYPD’s body-worn camera program responds to the interests and concerns of the community it serves, the NYPD asked the Policing Project at New York University School of Law to gather public input on how the cameras should be used.

Between June 29 and August 7, members of the public had an opportunity to either fill out a brief questionnaire on the main points of the NYPD proposed policy, or upload a full set of comments.

The comment period is now closed.

We thank everyone who participated and took the time to share their views with the NYPD. The Policing Project now is in the process of preparing a report for the NYPD summarizing all of the comments received. The NYPD then will prepare a public response, explaining how the department adjusted its policy and why.

The report will be available here later this fall.