PCBAL Stage 3

policigproject_mission_cThe third stage of the PCBAL will translate academic research to actual practice. Following the February meeting, teams will be assembled to conduct CBA on specific policing practices and policies. Each team will be comprised of a small group of researchers, and a law enforcement agency that has requested their help.

The goal of these teams is to produce innovative and useful results that can be incorporated immediately into police departments’ decision-making processes.

In November of 2017, the teams will gather at New York University School of Law to share their results. There, they will discuss how to refine them, and improve the application of CBA to policing generally.

It is important that the work of the teams is accessible to both academic and law enforcement officials. As such, in addition to publishing the research in a top academic journal, the Policing Project will develop practitioner guides to enable departments to perform their own CBA of local policing practices.