Starting Conversations

November Conference

The Policing Project is committed to bringing together all the stakeholders in the policing space to discuss cutting edge research and reforms.

Democratic Policing Conference: Our efforts began in November 2015, when law enforcement leaders from across the country gathered at New York University School of Law for a closed-door conference on Democratic Policing. Over the course of two remarkable days, participants discussed the importance of fostering more robust police-community engagement, the need for new and better metrics of success, and the necessity of policing agencies adopting transparent rules and policies with input from the communities they serve. At the conclusion of the meeting, participants asked the Policing Project to draft a Statement of Democratic Principles that the participants all have signed on to.

Cost-Benefit Gathering: This May, the Policing Project is hosting experts in metrics and cost-benefit analysis for a day-long brainstorming session on strategies for bringing cost-benefit analysis to policing. The gathering will set the stage for a much larger conference at NYU Law in the Winter of 2017.

Technology Symposium: This September, the Policing Project is partnering with the Brennan Center on a symposium that will bring together leading law enforcement officials, academics, and activists for an in-depth discussion of police use of new technologies, such as location tracking, predictive policing, encryption, and social media.

In addition to these larger gatherings, the Policing Project has brought a variety of guests to the law school to speak to students in the Democratic Policing Seminar, the Policing Project Externship, and at forums open to the broader law school community. Guests have included Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division Vanita Gupta, Brittany Packnett of Campaign Zero, John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation, and NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Legal Matters Larry Byrne.