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A Conversation on Policing’s Past and Future

The Policing Project is thrilled to host a discussion on policing's future! We welcome John Malcolm, VP for the Institute for Constitutional Government at the Heritage Foundation, and Christy Lopez, formerly with the U.S. DOJ Civil Rights Division and now a Distinguished Visitor from Practice at Georgetown Law.

If you'd like to join the conversation please email us at info@policingproject.org.

Check back often for updates! (We're grateful to the folks at www.replyall.me for the terrific medium we are using.) Read more

Policing Project Releases Report on LAPD Video Release Policy

Today the Policing Project has released its report summarizing public and officer feedback on the LAPD’s policy for releasing video footage of critical incidents—which includes any incident in which an officer fires a gun or an individual dies in police custody. The report is based on [...] Read more

Establishing Best Practices for Stop Data Collection

Few controversies in policing are as fraught as the use of Terry stops—temporary detentions made by officers upon reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, often accompanied by protective pat-down searches known as “frisks.” Studies have shown that racial minorities are disproportionately targeted for Terry stops, raising concerns about [...] Read more