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Policing Project Calls on DOJ for More Comprehensive and Accurate Data on Arrest-Related Deaths

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In the last several years, a string of high-profile police shootings of unarmed civilians — primarily black men — has attracted national attention, including in the 2016 presidential campaign.

But the federal government continues to have problems collecting complete and accurate data on these shootings, mainly because [...] Read more

Brainstorming the Cost-Benefit Analysis of Policing

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What is the psychological cost of being stopped by a police officer? What are the potential privacy costs of using license-pla­­te readers?

Elsewhere in government, questions like these would be a standard part of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) — a common procedure that attempts to identify and weigh [...] Read more

Panelists Tackle the Tough Questions around Policing and Accountability in the Digital Age

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The Policing Project and the Brennan Center for Justice co-hosted “Policing and Accountability in the Digital Age” on September 15th, a conference that addresses the challenges and benefits of rapid advances in policing technologies.  A cohort of academics, law enforcement leaders, activists, and journalists tackled difficult [...] Read more